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Hello and Welcome to the 2022 WestJet Virtual Group thread!


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Founded in December of 2018, WestJet Virtual is a professionally oriented Virtual Airline based off the Canadian carrier WestJet. We offer a diverse and professional aroma within our Virtual Airline, offering real routes along our Group Airlines, a funded crew center with codeshare additions and and active support for any issues, a modern up-to-date website, and multiple programs to suit all pilots. Everyday we aim to be different, and make ourselves stand out with new ideas and characteristics. We also want to offer a healthy, welcoming environment that all pilots feel part of, and not distant to. Our staff have put in days of work, morning to night, revamping this Virtual Airline, meeting the pilot’s needs, not ours. Along with that, our Virtual Airline is constantly changing to keep pace with the modern pilot, but remaining diversity.

In alignment with the real WestJet, we offer over 150 destinations (including codeshares), flown with all seven aircraft (and 20+ codeshare fleet) in our mainline fleet. We have a fully interactive crew center with active staff-support, allowing pilots to track flights, book flights, file PIREPS, research all routes and destinations, and more! We would love for you to come see what it is all about!

Why are we called WestJet Virtual Group?

Here, we operate 5 airlines under the eyes of our Virtual Airline, with WestJet being the primary owner, we also run WestJet Link, WestJet Encore, Swoop, Pacific Coastal, and soon to be acquiring Sunwing! This means you can fly any of these airlines when flying with us!

Our team consists of some of the hardest, most devoted individuals within our community. They work day and night to keep our Virtual Airline running smoothly, and efficiently. They are crucial to all work within, and out of the Virtual Airline. Below are our great staff:

Position Name Date Position Achieved
CEO @Ecoops123 January 2019
COO @MJP_27 October 2020
Chief Pilot Avaliable (internal invite only) N/A
Graphic Designer Avaliable N/A
Recruitment Manager @MJP_27 April 2020
Events Manager @Infinite_Qantas N/A

Please PM @Ecoops123 regarding staff positions

Staff Proposals


I’m ECoops123, a long term Infinite Flight user and Canada lover. I love to help others and expand myself to all areas of Infinite Flight that I can. I’m regularly around and always looking for fun. I hope to be a commercial pilot when I’m older, with a great interest in WestJet. I have been part of this VA since January 2019, before taking position as CEO in February 2020. Since then I have been running this VA, and hope to continue leading WestJet Virtual for the forseeable future.
ECoops123, CEO of WestJet Virtual Group


Hello everyone! I’m MJP_27 and I’m the COO of WestJet Virtual. WestJet Virtual is one of the best VA’s I’ve ever been in from the kind people to the awesome routes in the VA. I’m impacting the VA by helping the new pilots joining our VA to discover Canada and the world. I also provide the Routes of the Week which are featured routes that we post every week in the Discord. I also host events that are very fun to fly with everyone in the VA
MJP_27, COO of WestJet Virtual Group

At WestJet Virtual, we strive to be realistic whilst working with our pilot’s ever day lives, We are proud to welcome you to WestJet Virtual Careers. We offer two programs of variable grading to fit with people who aim to start small and aim big, to those just wishing to fly the maple leaf!

Please note you may only sign up for one Career program

Want to explore the world with no restrictions? Want to fly any aircraft you wish within our fleet? Than this is for you! Introducing the Maple Leaf Program! The Maple Leaf Program is for our more “adventurous” pilots who want to fly anywhere they wish whenever they want to, and do not wish to follow aircraft/pilot ranks? You may fly any aircraft you wish, at any given moment on any of our routes! But remember, Pilot etiquette remains in effect. Down below you can find our requirements, specifications, and where to join.

What to Expect

All aircraft within WestJet fleet
All routes flown by WestJet Virtual
All Code-Shared Routes (See Tiers)

Maple Tiers

This program rewards our most devoted, passionate pilots in the Maple Leaf Program. Below you can find out about each rank:

Tier Requirement Reward
Teal 150 hours American Codeshares available to fly, Teal badge
Silver 250 hours All codeshares unlocked, Silver badge
Gold 300 hours Special Gold badge
Platinum 500 hours The role models of the VA. Here you will be the mentor of the group, and have a large insight and priority decision on all operations.

Grade Three on Infinite Flight
No non-appealed Reports in the past 3 months
Active Infinite Flights Subscription
Able to take and pass a Written and Practical Exam

Feel like this is for you?

Apply for Maple Program

Want to follow real WestJet Pilot guidelines and flight schedules? Want to build skill and adventure new heights in flying? Then our new realistic pilot program is for you! Introducing Banff National Park Program, named after the beautiful and famous landscape Banff National Park has to offer. This program is only for the most realistic and determined pilots in the community, and will have many challenges along the way. Once you join, you will start at rock bottom. Little routes, and flying for our regional airline, WestJet Link utilizing the TBM-930 as the Saab 340. As you progress, you will achieve more routes, more aircraft, and more experience. With all this in mind, you will be following WestJet Pilot rules and regulations along the way, to maintain realism. Down below you can find our requirements, specifications, and where to join.

What to Expect Ranks and Fleet Requirements

What to Expect

Realistic aircraft requirements
Flights must resume from the last logged airport. Events are an exception.
Real routes and times

Ranks and Fleet
Ranks Hours Aircraft unlocked Base Unlocks
WestJet Recruit 0-5 hours TBM-930 CYYC Must follow scheduled routes once first joined until completed
Link Captain 5-12 hours TBM-930 CYYC
Encore Captain 12-40 hours DHC-8 Q400 CYYC, CYYZ
WestJet First Officer 40-90 hours 737-700 CYYC, CYYZ, CYVR America Code-Shares
WestJet Senior First Officer 100-180 hours 737-800 CYYC, CYYZ, CYVR, CYEG, CYHZ, CYWG All Code-Shares
WestJet Captain 180-250 hours 767-300 CYYC, CYYZ, CYVR, CYEG, CYHZ, CYWG Receives Gold rank badge
WestJet Training Captain 250+ hours 787-9 CYYC, CYYZ, CYVR, CYEG, CYHZ, CYWG Role models to the VA. You are the mentors. You will have a large insight and priority decision on all operations.

13 years or older
Grade Three on Infinite Flight
No unappealed ATC Reports in the last three months
Less than 0.2 violation/landing ratio
Active Infinite Flight Subscription
Ability to pass a written and practical exam
Ability to follow schedules and fly the same aircraft for long periods due to ranks.

Feel like this is for you?

Apply for Banff Program


“In the short time I have been with WSVG it has been amazing and I have visited some beautiful airports. I’m very excited to become your events manager and host many great times to come.”
NPreuss, Silver Rank

“This VA has such nice staff, and is so welcoming! It was the very first VA I joined and I would never leave! WestJet Virtual Group has such fun routes, along with some very challenging ones too! It has also allowed me to meet new people and attend very fun events! If you are looking for a Virtual Airline that’s nice, welcoming, fun, and has many great people you should definitely consider joining WSVG.”
bbrockairbus, Pilot


Our fleet coordinates with the current WestJet fleet within the app, allowing to get the closest to realism as possible, just a tap away. The WestJet Virtual fleet has a huge range of flights, anywhere from a TBM-930 with service to our local destinations, all the way to the beautiful Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, connections us to Europe and Beyond!

TBM 930

The TBM-930 operates our WestJet Link and Pacific Costal SAAB 340 routes currently since there’s no SAAB aircraft in Infinite Flight currently. We mainly use this aircraft for short 30 minutes to an hour hops, for our newer member to learn how to fly in the local area and explore the beauty of Canada.

You can vote for the WestJet Pacific Costal SAAB 340 livery to come to IF here

Bombardier Q400

The WestJet Bombardier Q400 is the primary aircraft for short hauls in Canada and down to the USA, usually starting from the hubs of WestJet to cities. It’s operated by WestJet Encore. This aircraft is our VA favourite, we even have a manual to help you understand his to fly the aircrwft realistically!

Boeing 737-700

The Boeing 737-700 is part of the main fleet of WestJet flying to all of our destinations across America and Europe. Dud you know that WestJet is one of the very few Transatlantic operators that use the 737?

Boeing 737-800

The Boeing B737-800 is a part of the main fleet flying to many different destinations in the americas from Hawaii to Central America, to the USA and regional Canada! This aircraft has dozens of routes to fly! We operate the 737-800 with 2 airlines, WestJet and SWOOP!

Boeing 767-300

The Boeing 767-300 is 1 of our 2 aircraft apart of the wide body fleet. We fly this aircraft to some parts of the Caribbean, and Europe. These over time are being replaced by our cool Dreamliners!

Currently we don’t have the WestJet B767-300 livery in game. You can vote for the livery to be added here

Boeing 787-9


The Boeing 787-9 is our flagship aircraft; painted in our new livery, we fly this with pride to many destinations across Europe, Hawaii and between Canadian cities. Join us and fly our favourite aircraft in our fleet!

Westjet Virtual Group has had the opportunity to partner with many different VA’s, where we run active codeshares between us. Please be aware that we only use our real world partners, and only allow codeshares with active VARB partnered Airlines.

Our Partners:

Looking for more Canadian action? Why not check out Air Canada Virtual?

Ready to join one of the hardest working Virtual Airlines on Infinite Flight? Pick a program and join!

Maple Leaf Program: Apply Today!

Banff National Park Program: Apply Today!

We aim to respond to applicants within 48 hours. Please contact @Ecoops123 for the status of an application.


The community is what matters to us, so we’ve got many ways for you to contact us, take a look below, we are always open to questions and can guarantee a well-timed response!

Email: Westjetvirtualgroup@gmail.com

Community Contact: @WestjetVirtualGroup

Upper Management Contact:

CEO: @Ecoops123
COO: @MJP_27

We do not represent or are afflicted with WestJet Airlines LTD


Stunning thread! WSVG is a great VA


hot and spicey


The BEST ☝️Virtual Group For Sure ‼️👍


Wonderful thread, as always !

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What an amazing thread. Glad to be one of your partners!

Gritz - SVVA

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Your thread graphics are always so beautiful! Happy to be partnering with you! Much love for Dubai Virtual Airlines (Emirates and flydubai).

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Just applied for it, hopefully I can join.

Is discord needed for this VA? I do not see any mention.

Can you still apply?

WestJet Virtual Group has officially ended virtual operations after almost 4 years of operations as a Virtual Airline. We thank all pilots and staff who have been involved throughout our journey.

Unfortunately we will not be able to assist with any resources, threads or other assistance during the potential launch, or running of a future WestJet themed Virtual Airline. We give the best of luck to those who do take on the task with the fantastic scenery and airports at hand.

In following of WestJet Airlines Ltd’s company values, we encourage anyone’s interest in launching this Canadian VA to “rise to the challenge”, and “work together to win”.

Signing off with the rest of our great team,
WestJet Virtual Group