WestJet Virtual Group | A New Dawn | Calgary Stampede is On!

How long does it typically take to get accepted and started on flying? Sent in my application and and Instagram message. Thanks!

Hey Brendon, The Group has dropped you a message.

This is an amazing VA!

Especially because it respects your


UK /ˈprɪvəsi/ US /ˈpraɪvəsi/

the right that someone has to keep their personal life or personal information secret or known only to a small group of people

No full names, email addresses, age, etc are required

I will join (not right now but in a little while)

Trust me you should join! This is a great VA with a small community, still in progress, we can expect a lot more from this, and Im in the progress of 2 VAs (Not Owner, but makes certain parts for credit). I create routes and evens daily, one which just passed and one which is in Calgary this Saturday! That was an idea for the launch event of Westjet Virtual, but that idea didn`t exactly happen… 12 Attending so far! (NOT an advertisement)

If not already, it could take up to a couple of days for them to reply, and give you their Slack. It shouldn`t take more than a week to be trained and fully part of the VA!

When you guys join ! You will have a welcoming community! You will then be contacted by training staff ( Myself ) and you will have a check flight! I hope to see everyone in the WestJet Community soon !

Ryan ✈️


Hey Ecoops I’ll message him now 👍🏻

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Hey Brendan, The Group has sent you a message but you have not responded 🤔

Ryan ✈️

Will you always have to have wsva in your display name or callsign when you fly?

Hey @Azure! When you are flying with WestJet Virtual Airline. You have to have your Callsign in your Name while flying a WestJet VA route but other than that you can have any callsign you want at any time 👍🏻

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Hey Ryan! Where can I find the message? Theres nothing in my IF inbox so just wondering where the messages go to.

You should a notification with a green or blue circle just above your profile picture 😄

Hey! We just messaged you. Could you please check you IFC Notifications. Thank you

I applied over a week ago & haven’t received a response

I am super sorry for the delay. You have had. Please Dm me.

Well we Do request your email. But its a one time use. There would be no spam and it disclosed between me or another Requirement Officer.

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Great Thread!

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I can’t wait for this VA to grow! This is a great small team that is very well organised, with regular check ups, and then me that’s bugging them every 2 hours on a flight I’ve just done for them 😂… Come join us on this beautiful Canadian journey!

I can’t sign up for the site

Do WestJet VA members fly Swoop routes?