WestJet Virtual Group | A New Dawn | Calgary Stampede is On!

We are

This is the dawn of the newest Canadian VA.

Certified April 20th, 2019

Just two friends hanging around, when it struck us, ”Open a VA!” And from there it just breezed past, and, well, here we are!

-WestJet737767, Co-Founder, COO of WestJet Virtual Group

On the whim of a joke, a small laugh between two mates turned into something they never thought, or knew they could ever achieve. On September 29, 2018, everything changed for @ILOVE7879 and @WestJet737767. After many long waits and dedicated work, they accomplished something not many others could, opening a virtual airline.

Want to know who’s running the show?

Board of Directors

COO: @WestJet737767

(Under Maintenance)

WestJet Virtual Group is very proud to have over 100 destinations in 25 countries! As we transition into our new PIREP system, all of our routes can be found on the WestJet Schedule Website, available here!
As our network expands, so does us, and you!

We have 6 hubs and focus cities:

  • CYYC- Calgary International (Hub, HQ)
  • CYYZ- Toronto Lester B Pearson International (Hub)
  • CYVR- Vancouver International (Hub)
  • CYEG- Edmonton International (FC)
  • CYWG- Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International (FC)
  • CYHZ- Halifax Stanfield International (FC)

Europe is Here!

As our new Boeing 787 Dreamliners arrive, we are unlocking keys from Calgary, to new horizons! With new scheduled direct service from Calgary to London, Dublin, Glasgow, and Paris, and many more to come, you can be sure that you can be everywhere, and anywhere with the touch of a button.

Stampede is On!

With Stampede here, you can earn 3X flight hours! That’s right! 3X flight hours on any flights from the US and Mexico!
Happy Stampeding!

If big, fancy, long routes aren’t for you, then you can choose the Encore Division! Our fleet of Canadian built Bombardier Q-400 aircraft, offers the ability to fly to, and serve smaller communities that larger jet aircraft cannot reach. All the way from Vancouver Island, through the Okanagan Valley and the prairies, to the farming communities on the east coast, or the frigid cold of the North, it is your ability to work with these communities and make sure they can connect to the major hubs that make up Canada!

To ensure a fair balance between our Mainline Pilots flying longer routes, and our Encore Pilots flying shorter routes, our ranking system is divided into 2 separate requirement charts.

WestJet Mainline:

  • First Officer (Achieved after graduation, Boeing 737-700 access)
  • Jr. Captain (50 Hours, Boeing 737-800 access)
  • Captain (100 Hours, Boeing 767-300ERW, ETOPS 737 routes access)
  • Sr. Captain (150 Hours, Boeing 787-9 access)
  • Lieutenant Captain (300 Hours, Trainer staff position access)

WestJet Encore

  • First Officer (Achived after graduation, Bombardier Q400 access)
  • Jr. Captain (25 Hours)
  • Captain (50 Hours)
  • Sr. Captain (100 Hours)
  • Lieutenant Captain (300 Hours)

Our Fleet

Aircraft Photos

Our fleet consists of:

  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (WestJet Livery)
  • Boeing 737-700 (WestJet Livery)
  • Boeing 737-800 (WestJet Livery)
  • Boeing 757-200 (Generic)
  • Boeing 767-300 (Generic)
  • Boeing 787-9 (Generic)

Have you decided you want to join our happy family? Just Make sure you meet our requirements, first!

To fly with us, you must:

  • Be mature and professional at all times
  • Pass our training evaluation
  • Be in a well standing on the IFC
  • Be at least a Grade 2
  • Be able to commit your time
  • File 1 PIREP per month
  • Participate in 1 event per year
  • Have experience with Slack

If you meet these requirements, then you can apply here!

On behalf of Isaiah Kruse and Vincent Gold, we hope you Love Where You are IF-ing!



Wooh, what a journey this has been! I am so excited for this!!!


Great looking thread. congrats yall

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Nice! But have you guys heard about Westjet being bought by Onex?


Yes, we have. In this deal though, WestJet will remain branded as WestJet, and so we don’t have to worry for a while :)


Congratulations yal! Very nice thread.


Congradulations @WestJet737767! I’m so proud of the effort put into this. Canada is slowly starting to take over the aviation game. I can’t wait to see how this goes!


One thing i would do though, is remove China from the front page, as it isn’t operated by WestJet nor Confirmed by WestJet as of today.

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Don’t forget to give credit to @ILOVE7879! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him!

As for the China thing it’s just meant to be an alliteration.


I can be available has an route manager I love this post since I’m from Calgary

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Not able to sign up through the website.

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I’m up to be your routes manager. Where do i sign up

dibs on Toronto (my homecity!)

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Critical website error is being fixed as we speak. Weebly update messed some things up. As for applying for staff please see the staff section in the main post. Thanks.


Error is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hey, the link in the routes network is the the west jet website. It can confuse some people

if they add the 787 i would join


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@rubinedan, it is currently meant to.


@virginatlantic28 then you should be joining soon :)


Do you just wait until you receive a message on IFC

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