WestJet VA [Closing Down]

I am sorry to hear you are closing down. Hopefully with the release of global things will get better for all of our VA’s. I encourage all VA leaders to hold out until the release of global.

Best of luck,
Chairman of the Board
Norwegian Air Shuttle VA

It is very difficult to be a VA CEO, especially when it feels like we all prep for global and it takes a lot more time than we secretly had hoped. But I agree with you, to any VA CEO reading this…keep strong. When global comes you will be 100% glad you kept your airline alive. It will be worth it.


Just a little reminder ( or better said a guess of mine ) : only because global comes people wont suddenly join a VA. Everybody can do regular flights on his own. I guess with an original VA offering not standard routes to standard airports you have a better chance.

However pure speculation, but logically naybe right. Also super sad to hear you closing down. I like those small tiny VAs like …Westjet, or a Air Berlin VA or croatian … You know what I mean.

What he meant is that if Global comes, popularity of the app will increase. More people will start to play Infinite Flight and thus, a higher chance of successful recruitment for VAs.

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Yeah and in addition to that VA’s will be able to create more realistic routes. For example if the staff at Norwegian decide to copy the IRL airlines routes they can certainly do that besides being limited to to regions.

I think the idea of having a VA copy the IRL airline routes is something that will resonate with fanatics who live in those areas that the IRL airline services. There is lots of different ways to look at this @Overspeed. It’s ok to be optimistic.