WestJet To Fly People To Space

WestJet To Fly People To Space

WestJet will fly people to space very soon, with their new Boeing 787-9,000X, in 32 days. This aircraft is currently in development by Boeing, and westjet is planning to fly from Toronto (YYZ) to the following destinations:

  • Mars (MRS)
  • Pluto (PLT)
  • Saturn (STA)

And more! Westjet plans to expand this service, while also offering their renowned service up in WestJet Business and economy.

“We’ve always had a knack for flying. Especially up. This time, we’re going up a little further. Enjoy the caring WestJet service you know and love, while on your way to somewhere totally out of this world.”

You can find more about this at westjet.com/space.

I’m so excited to fly a main line carrier to outer space!

Happy April Fools!

As many people know, Westjet is famous for having their fun April Fools’ Day jokes every year. They bring the community together and it really makes some of us laugh. I really love this year‘s idea, and the fact that they even launched an actual website featuring all these fake items just shows the commitment to customer experience and their ability to have fun. Happy April fools!


The X means…


“For the low price of $500… thousand dollars …… one way ”

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That’s actually VERY VERY cheap for a flight to orbit

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this title possibly doesn’t give away this an April fools joke

Although I hear the 787-9,000X is a pretty expensive aircraft to operate, based on what analysts say

Great! Where can I sign up?
Jokes aside, I really like companies that do stuff like this! IMHO it shows people that they have a fun side and aren’t all about business and business and business.

Nah that’s actually funny and genuinely cheap. Glad to see them get good use of their 787

Fr, and especially on an interplanetary mission. The only probe to Pluto this gas has been New Horizons and that used an Atlas V with a cost of $150,000,000 per launch. Plus it took a decade to get there. This could be amazing.

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Imagine this really happened…

I know it bro. April Fools bro! That does not exist. WestJet is not gonna fly to space in the future. Imagine we could fly an airplane to space like a spacecraft where we can be able to explore other planets in the solar system.

Forget Starship/Superheavy, this is what we need to make life multiplanetary!

Someone better go tell Elon

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