WestJet to begin flights to Atlanta

It’s confirmed that Westjet will be flying nonstop from Calgary to Atlanta starting March 3, 2019.
I’m personally glad that we’re getting a new airline to Atlanta and new routes to and from Canada!
Hopefully we could get the MAX but time will tell


This makes complete sense with the WestJet/Delta JV. They will profit share on flights between US and Canada based on seat count. This allows for WestJet to offer connections mainly to South America, and also a few Africa connections.

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Do will delta start flights to Calgary?

Delta already has mainline flights to Calgary, they fly to KMSP
Connection flies to KSLC, KSEA and KMSP as well.

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This route will be great for that huge Delta codeshare, a new easy way to get from western Canada to the southeastern U.S.


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