WestJet Suspends All Flights To The Caribbean And Mexico Until May

WestJet Suspends All Flights To The Caribbean And Mexico Until May

Along with the news we just heard from Air Transat, we are now hearing the same thing from WestJet. However, WestJet will not suspending all operations… Instead they will be suspending all flights to the Caribbean and Mexico. The airline says:

“The government asked, and we agreed,” said Ed Sims, WestJet President and CEO. “While we know that air travel is responsible for less than two per cent of cases since the start of the crisis, and even less today, we recognize the Government of Canada’s ask is a precautionary measure. We also note that the overwhelming majority of quarantine exemptions, well over 90 per cent in fact, are connected to land borders and not air travel. We have responded to their request and will suspend service to destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean.”

Here are the destinations that will be suspended:

Departure Arrival
Vancouver Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Vancouver Cancun, Mexico
Vancouver Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Calgary Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Calgary Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Calgary Cancun, Mexico,
Calgary Liberia, Costa Rica
Edmonton Cancun, Mexico
Edmonton Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Toronto Cancun, Mexico
Toronto Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Toronto Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Toronto Kingston, Jamaica
Toronto Montego Bay, Jamaica
Toronto Liberia, Costa Rica
Toronto Varadero, Cuba
Toronto Saint Lucia
Toronto Saint Marten
Toronto Nassau, Bahamas
Toronto Bermuda
Edmonton Mazatlan, Mexico (Swoop)
Edmonton Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Swoop)
Toronto Montego Bay, Jamaica (Swoop)
Toronto Cancun, Mexico (Swoop)

Wow Zac you have a lot of these topics.

Anyway’s this is interesting that

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this before.


You forgot Air Canada, Air Transat and Swimming. It is the gouvernement not westjet

Sunwing do be swimming

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Oops, bruh. It is my cool corrector in my iPad 😁

Just lemme know when the Air Canada topic comes…

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Really WestJet. As a WSVG COO of the VA


@Egirl123 @Ecoops123, this is very unfortunate… but glad to see they’re keeping their Providenciales service. 🙂


Who is @Egirl123 ?

Inside joke.


It’s none-ya

Lucky it’s only a temporary drop.

Hopefully it should be a change for the better to help get this world back to normal. At least we’re continuing these routes in my VA during this temporary time. 😝


This isn’t only Westjet, it’s also other airlines.

Please check this topics

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