WestJet starts service to Calgary from Denver

I disagree ;) the airprot layout is beautiful and just perfect for DIA with the winds off of the mountains.


I heard about Qantas looking at DIA a while back (don’t know if it’s true) but they haven’t acted on it yet…

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Oh I meant the swastikas shaped runway layout

Thats a theory, but the way that they are layed out is perfect for the different wind directions and speeds that DIA gets after the wind hits off the mountains


I personally like the airport layout, but (don’t quote me on this) I think @Liam_Williams might not like it as it closely resembles the Nazi Swastika.

On a side note, if anybody wants to read up about why airlines would or wouldn’t come to DIA, there was a pretty good conversation about it on this topic here. Just scroll through the comments

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It’s purpose is for air travel use and not to feed rumors with no holding.

I was joking mainly, it’s a fantastic airport. Just joking that the runway positioning looked a little “off” as it looks like a swastika

Dude, they have 767’s.

I know ;) I just like giving beef to the theories

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