WestJet Rejected The Offer For Slots At Heathrow

WestJet To Start Flying From Heathrow?

WestJet airlines of Canada, has possibly gotten slots to fly out of London Heathrow. Previously, they have flown from London Gatwick to Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. They formerly operated that with old 767s, but with the arrival of their new 787, they use that now. Sources say that they have gotten slots for two departure times. This isn’t 100% guaranteed, but reliable aviation sources on Twitter say so. These flights would theoretically start on October 25 if this did happen, but again, we have no guarantee from WestJet. WestJet did reply to this tweet saying this:

This would be a major transition for the airline, as Gatwick is more for low-cost health, moving into Heathrow means that they’re really starting to become a real full service carrier, and they’re looking to provide the best service to their passengers. What makes this theory more possible, is because of their partnership with Delta, who may have helped in someway to help them get the slots. Again, this is speculation, and we have no confirmation from WestJet that these flights will be happening, but is exciting to see what will happen!


Hmm… @Ecoops123 and co. gotta add a new route I guess


This will be exciting.


I’d prefer to keep flying into Gatwick. My closest airport irl 🤔.

Would be interesting if WestJet expand or move over to Heathrow, but I wouldn’t see much success in the Halifax and Saint John Atlantic routes after that. There wouldn’t be many terminal spaces unless Heathrow expand. 🤔


I think they would keep Gatwick as well, They only have two slots at Heathrow, and I think they still do a few flights out of Gatwick

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This gives me another reason to vote for the WJ 789 so let me hop on that topic really quick and drop a vote.


Don’t forget WestJet’s partner Virgin Atlantic recently abandoned Gatwick and consolidated to Heathrow, so WestJet passengers can soon gain connections at LHR with Virgin Atlantic’s flights and the other way around.


Virgin flew to LGW?

They did both

What route from LGW? I thought the only flew from LHR only


From the 25OCT2020 WestJet have filed slots to London Heathrow operating double daily flights, serving the Boeing 787-9 dreamliner. WestJet currently have 6 787-9s in fleet and are are due to take 4 more in near future. With regards to where they will fly from, no destination has been confirmed from my end. However, I do believe it will be either Toronto, Calgary, Halifax, Vancouver, Edmonton or Winnipeg?

Although flights have been filed to the end of this year, this service may be temporary. See flight details below.

WS092 B789 STA1020
WS094 B789 STA1330

WS093 B789 STD1440
WS095 B789 STD1530

Any last minute changes remain likely

Photo Credit 📸 - Tony Best

Heathrow spottin page


This is interesting, WestJet seems to be making a sort of transition like JetBlue has. They have a really nice premium product, but remain a low (sort of) cost carrier.

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This was Virgin Atlantic’s 2017 route map from Gatwick (info from The Travel Codex)


They decided to consolidate operations to Heathrow a few months ago.

If WestJet gains approval for LHR, this is actually great for WestJet customers since they’ll gain onward connections with Virgin Atlantic to destinations like Delhi, Johannesburg, Lahore, Islamabad, Tel Aviv, and more.


Tons! They flew the A330 and 747 to Gatwick. To popular summer destinations. One was Orlando! They operate in the South Terminal 🙃. This was about 9 years ago, you can see the 747-400 in the background. 😂

Plus the days of Thomas Cook 😳


JetBlue and WestJet are my 2 favorite North American Airlines tbh

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Ethan you look ecstatic


I had been woken up at 3am with a ‘surprise’ to Disneyland. I was more bothered about the 3am part.


I honestly believe that the current market environment makes it much easier to get Heathrow slots than it’s been in the past decade.

That’d be sad for me, since my home airport is CYHZ. I was looking forward to the return of their MAX 8’s on the transatlantic routes once the MAX returned to service. I believe they could still keep their route to CDG, but now LGW does seem quite unlikely.

Wow! This is amazing news!

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