Westjet or Air Canada?

Hey IF community and Merry Christmas! This summer I’ll be flying from Winnipeg to Vancouver, and was wondering if I should fly Air Canada or Westjet, as I’ve never been on either one. The prices are the same between the two so I really am just looking for a comparison with the customer experience (check-in, IFE, amenities, etc…). The Air Canada flight would be on an a320, with the Westjet flight being on a MAX 8. So, which one should I choose?

I’m pretty Westjet is cheaper. I personally like the max in terms of comfort

Weirdly both were $350

Huh that’s interesting. Air Canada is known to be the better airline

Both of them are inferior. You should hop around with Dash 8s.

Jokes aside, if the price is the same, and the aircraft are similar, it’s up to you. I’m an Airbus person, so I would pick the Airbus A320 if that’s what it comes to. If you have established a loyalty program with one, it’s better to go with that airline. Air Canada is a member of Star Alliance, which is the biggest alliance. Westjet isn’t in an alliance but has partnerships with many Skyteam members like Delta Airlines.

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Fly the flag. For AC the 320s won’t be around forever and if it gets changed to the MAX it’s a thousand times better than Westjet’s product in my opinion

Air Canada is way better. I had an absolutely awful experience with Westjet so I’d go with Air Canada. I know that Westjet is cheaper but its not worth it in my opinion.

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