WestJet low approach and go around at SXM

I came across this video while looking for Mayday S17 episodes from a guy on twitter, it’s really crazy. That is so low. Good promotion for Disney though!

You can read an article here


I guess it was his first landing ever there.


Might of been, also the weather might have caused this. It could have been a microburst.


Seems like me when I land at SXM…

Wind or no Wind.


Here is a comparison.

Notice the KLM A332 is much higher than the WestJet B738. The WestJet B738 was about 100-200ft above water at the time of the incident.

Credit: Christine NegroniWestJet Denies Close Call Caught on Camera at St. Maarten


Unstable approach by the looks of it. Ut also looks like there was some weather in the area


Talk about low have you guys seen the air Italy approach into st.marteen

Let it Go would be gone if the pilot didnt do anything 😂

In all seriousness, I saw an article about it. It was pretty scary imho. Glad that the crews noticed it and go around

Their pilot was LEROY JENKINS


That isn’t St Maarten, that’s Skiathos.

People can’t let go and will never let go of the fact that a B738 crashed into the water at St Maarten. I guarantee you, the Frozen livery on the B738 wouldn’t be the only thing being liquidated. ;-)

I hope you got all the jokes.


Fair play, that was pretty good

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Just seemed to get a little low on the visual profile in poor weather. The winds can be very unforgiving in the Caribbean, especially if they are blowing from an unusual direction.

Excellent decision to go around and give it another go.

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Must have been very scary for the passengers.

To be honest, from the side windows I doubt they will have seen much and just wondered why they suddenly started going up instead of landing!

A Go-Around is a ‘standard’ procedure. Nothing too exciting about it TBH.

@JoshFly8 was secretly the pilot

Lol it was just Disneys special effects 😂

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