WestJet Launches 737 MAX flights to Paris

As the title says, WestJet has today launched direct flights from Halifax using there 737 MAX (Seen below). This is a daily service from Halifax. This is a great expansion for WestJet, considering they have been wanting to expand their European footprint for quite sometime now. They plan for even further expansion when there new 787-9’s arrive next year.

There 737 MAX:


More on this launch here!

The video launch:

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How long is that route? I cannot imagined being stuck in a narrow body for a transatlantic flight


Interesting route. Don’t think I’d pay to be on it though lol.


I believe the estimated flight time is around 6 hours so not to long as long as the amenities are nice

Well,its a sardine can for tall people like me :)… especially when you consider that westjet is a lcc… so the legroom must be tight right?


It looks like it might guess I won’t be flying it anytime soon either

Interesting, Air Canada currently operates the MAX to Heathrow from Halifax. It looks like Westjet is looking to compete a bit.

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I wonder if Air Canada will expand more then. Considering this flight was announced today and starts in a few days.

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The cabin height of a 737 is over 7 feet.

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Not the cabin height,but the legroom


WestJet uses the 737-700 on Halifax to Glasgow routes. Nice to see them pushing the 737 even more.

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I think the 737 MAX is too small of a plane to do a flight like that.

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Norwegian uses their 737max for trans Atlantic also


The legroom is exactly the same between the 737 MAX and the 767 at 31 inches.

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especially with those new planes will probably be a very economical route as they will most likely fill planes

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air canada already have a much more diverse range of routes than westjet, they have capacity at least 3 times higher than that of westjet in long haul so they probably won’t be too bothered

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I just checked their website, it’s actually starting on the 31st.
Really amazing to see what those MAXs can do!

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Leg room isn’t an issue :) I’m 6’4” and fly on WestJet a lot, their 737s have plenty of legroom. I’ve only ever had issues on their Dash 8s, and don’t expect those to be crossing the Atlantic anytime soon ;)

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