WestJet Encore Livery Dash 8 Q400

(not my photo)


looks nice ;)

Why are you and B767fan posting every possible livery for the Dash 8?

i don’t like the model of this plane but i think west jet goes well with it

I’m not @B767fan I am @Narroc_Wim and the plane on my profile picture is a 747.

No, you don’t get my question.
You, B767fan, and some others have posted a picture of a Dash 8 for most of the liverys it has.

Oh I’m sorry. I do it to show the livery I want.

Ok, I’m a big fan of the Wje dash 8 though.

Tough luck buddy, because it’s gonna be the next plane added!

I well i am fine with that. I don’t care if it is in the new update coming soon at least we getting a new plane.

Yes. Gets my vote

Love this livery. I recently flew on a WestJet Encore Q400. Hoping to see this when tbe plane comes out.

I hope this, Air Canada and Qantas Link get put in.