WestJet employee sentenced to 2 years in prison

A WestJet employee was sentenced to 2 years in prison and has to pay $15K in reinstitution fees after defrauding the company of $145K CAD.
He was a customer service rep, who had the ability to issue over $300 dollars worth of credit to customers if their complaint was valid. He issued $145 000 in fees to people who didn’t complain, or didn’t even fly with WestJet. One person even received $16 000.
The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Agency was contacted, and he was fired in 2015. He was sentenced today in a Calgary court.
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What do you think about this situation?


Not to be this person, but i dont think its a big deal at all. people are greedy and will do anything, And Imo dont think its forum appropiate

Eh, it’s not exactly too too important, just thought I would share it.
I don’t exactly see how this isn’t forum appropriate…

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I would reserve the Real World Aviation category for those larger aviation incidents and personal aviation experiences rather than a “news” category. Otherwise, we’ll clog up this category with all sorts of news articles that can be found on the web or other real world aviation media. Thanks for the understanding.