WestJet Denies Near Crash

WesJet 737 Nearly Hits Water On Final Approach

As many probably know and have probably seen the video of, WestJet Flight 2652 was on final approach for Runway 10 over the beach when it seems as if the crew had started their descent a little too early.

The 737 looked to be maybe 75ft above the water before pushing up the throttle and going around for another landing.

After looking into this near miss on google, many sources have been explaining how WestJet explained how this was not a near miss and that this was just because of the weather.

In the video above, this shows everything that I had just been exapaining if you would like to check it out for yourself.

My opinion of this event is that it actually was a close call/near miss by the WestJet crew in this situation. It would be amazing to hear some more opinions and what everyone else thinks of this.

Fly safe!


Hello, thank you for your input and letting me know, although if you read the title of this article by myself and read what’s in it, it is a statement of what WestJets answer to the near miss was. This was not a post about the video on its own. Not meaning this is a rude way. Take care.


Ah, I’m sorry for that. I didnt read the title properly duh

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It is explaining the response by the airline about the incident. Its not a duplicate bro…;)

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No no, it’s totally fine. We all make mistakes.

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Something to do with a microburst or a bad ILS/GPS/VISUAL approach. If you look at the second approach is flawless.m

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Yes, very true. I was kind of thinking the same.

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Okay, I go to St. Maarten every year. What that ATC did was he told him to stay below the cloud ceiling (Dont know what it was) this was one of the only flights in that hour period to land. (Insel Air Diverted to PTP, KLM Landed after, and a American A332 landed, Jetblue diverted to SJU)

It wasnt even close to a near-crash… Weekly a plane will come down too low (DHL) and sometimes has to go around. This one was just called out more because
A. Its a freaking Frozen Livery!
B. Its a bigger aircraft
C. The weather STUNK
D. Someone says that it almost crashed, posts it on Youtube, CNN sees it, puts it on TV… Goes viral

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