WestJet B787-9 (2018 Livery)


I like this new livery a lot- it makes the old one look ancient


I don’t like Boeingat all but im not gonna lie, that looks great… sadly, i can’t justify removing votes om Airbus reworks, Weather and a new and improved map.


I love WestJet, and I would love this livery in IF! :)


Isn’t that becuase Air Canada is with Virgin Australia?


WOW! That is easily in my top 5 favorite 787 liveries.


It’s possible, I’m not sure. But Qantas operate all of WestJet’s Australian connections and vice versa (however it’s currently always Qantas who cross the pacific, but that may change with the new WestJet 789s)


The livery debuts on the MAX 8 in June this year, while the first Dreamliner is due for delivery early 2019


Glad to hear! I think this might be my #1 :)


It would also be nice to have the 737-800 and the 767-300 livery as well


What a truly amazing livery! My favorite part is the detail on the tail. I also like that is says ‘The Spirit of Canada’ in English and in French.


First one is in final assembly at Everett! Maybe we could see this in IF before hand?


I really want IF to add a WestJet 787-9 Because When they do I will do YYC-DUB


Credit: @robertine


This needs to be on IF


ILOVE7879TOO, it does!



What would be awesome is if the livery designers decided to add this and the new Air Canada 787 livery to Infinite Flight as an add-on to another update. Out of votes (of course) but would absolutely be excited to see this in IF one day!


Agreed I really want it just as bad as I want the A350 Seris cause when that comes out I’m talking the A350 I’m going to do Newark to Singapore and New York to Manilla.


@WestJet737767 how haven’t you seen this btw


I don’t think he has