WestJet announces new International Route..

Just today WestJet announced a new International route between Calgary and Seattle. This flight will start on November 4 and will be 1x daily on their Q400.


  • Starts November 4th
  • 10:30am (Departure Time) - 11:14am (Arrival Time)
  • Total fight time of 1 hour and 44 minutes.
  • On a De Havilland Dash8 Q400

The price starts at $183.71/183.71 CAD (Economy & Per Person) and $454.61/236.19 CAD (Premium & Per Person)


  • Starts November 5th
  • 12:00pm (Departure Time) - 2:36pm (Arrival Time)
  • Total flight time of 1 hour and 36 minutes
  • On a De Havilland Dash8 Q400

The price starts at $109.94 (Economy & Per Person) and $402.96 (Premium & Per Person).

Of course there are more class options on the flight to YYC.

Class Option for flight to YYC

  • Basic Economy is 109.94 CAD
  • Econo is 132.06 CAD
  • EconoFlex is 184.55 CAD

I see this new route as a success for WestJet and look forward to seeing more WestJet flights in the future!


Washington State | WestJet official site

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I like the route! Nice topic!


YAY can’t wait!


I don’t like this.

Kinda needed since Alaska airlines removed their flight. Hope this works out for them!

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NICE 👍❕A New Route for WSVG ( @Ecoops123 )😉😁😆


I remember being at Calgary watching the Alaska Airlines E-Jet depart for Seattle when I was there in 2019, came in to the gate right next me. Cool to know WestJet’s taking over 😎


Alaska’s resuming SEA-YYC on December 16

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What!! A new flight to my home airport yes!!

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