WestJet Announces London Heathrow Service

WestJet Announces London Heathrow Service

Adding onto the topic linked below, westjet has officially announced their service to London-Heathrow!

The airline has NOT announced a start date for these flights, but it will be operated by their Boeing 787-9, which is currently used on their YYZ and YYC flights.

The Heathrow service will only be flying from Calgary. The Toronto to London will continue to serve Gatwick.

“As the airline with the most flights from Alberta, this is an important recovery milestone as we forge new connections between Canada and one of the world’s most sought after global hubs. We continue to strengthen our network, offering more options for business and leisure travellers and these investments will expedite our industry’s recovery while ensuring Western Canada builds back from the pandemic more connected than ever before.”

I am excited to see this expansion in Europe on one of Canadas largest airlines! This is a big step to challenging Air Canada across the Atlantic.


Looking likely that this flight will also feature biometric boarding!

Also, want to ping @Ecoops123 here :)



I’ve been studying a fairly good amount about the use of implementing technology to a travel and tourism business, along with how it affects the industry and the passengers a lot lately in my college course. I’ll keep an eye on this and maybe use it in one of my case studies along the line. Thanks Zac!

It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out, and what the passengers think of it.


Dates announced.

Calgary to London Heathrow. Flights start 26 March 2022

WS18 YYC 2030-1200+1 LHR (Fri & Sat)
WS18 YYC 2035-1205+1 LHR (Tue & Wed)

WS19 LHR 1345-1537 YYC (Thu)
WS19 LHR 1410-1602 YYC (Sat & Sun)
WS19 LHR 1415-1607 YYC (Wed)

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