Westjet Adds Another Boeing 787 Destination – Now Heading To Maui

Hey there IFC,

Yesterday, WestJet operated its inaugural 787 Dreamliner flight from Calgary to Maui. Announced back in May, the day has finally come without delay. Canada’s second-largest airline has been slowly receiving its 787-9 orders from Boeing since February.

Flight details

The details of the Calgary-Maui service are as follows:

  • WS1858 departs Calgary at 1100. Following a 6-hour 27-minute flight, it will land in Kahului at 1327.
  • WS1857 departs from Kahului at 2130. This night flight will land in Calgary after a 5-hour 44-minute flight at 0714 the next day.

I hope to see the WestJet 787 in IF soon, what do y’all think?


Wait, it was today?

It was Yesterday, sorry it was my mistake.

(actually I think it was the day before lol)

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