WestJet 787

I absolutely LOVE the WestJet 787. I think it would be a great addition to the IF liveries as we can now travel to Canada in style 😎 What do you guys think?

Pretty sure this is a duplicate…

Id also just suggest doing a quick search, before posting to see if there’s already an existing thread. And maybe you may want to check this out?


Yeah, this is a duplicate. Sorry bro

I agree man I love the New B787 Westjet livery IF needs a update of only liverys and nothing else

This is a great livery and thanks for being active in the community, but please check to see if the topic your about to post is a duplicate… Thanks!

That would look really cool! Also looking forward to playing in the B787 Gulf Air! Hope that gets added on.

Really cool livery, there is already a topic for it, so go make sure to vote for it!

Guys, it turns out this topic is a duplicate. Thanks for the people who responded!