WestJet 787-9

Hello guys,
WestJet recently ordered 20 787-9s. See more about it here. I think the livery looks great on it. One of my favorite features of the livery is the new maple leaf.

what do you guys think?

I think that it is not real and doesn’t need to be requested so early. Let it be painted duh…


We have the Delta 787, and that never will exist. I don’t see anything wrong with requesting an aircraft that will enter serves in 3 years.


I would wait a few years till it is actually out and is flying in real life great request just do not think it should be added now

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No, look at what @PlaneCrazy said. Delta does not even have a 787-8! So this is okay to request, if you don’t have anything nice to say about it don’t say it at all!


No need to freak out at me, I said about the same thing dush had said, so if you are going to be mad at someone be mad at both of us just because I am not a regular does not mean that I am different ;)

I just feel it is really unnecessary requesting for a fictional livery. Just because something else of the same kind was added, doesn’t mean it will be everytime… Don’t use that as an excuse to request features like these :)


How is it fictional? It will enter service in the first quarter of 2019. I agree we should wait for it to be added, but requesting it is perfectly fine


It would bring much more realism to the game if it was added in 2019
(Delta 787-8 doesn’t help with realism though LOL)

“Great request…when in real-life service”, to paraphrase, is hardly ‘having nothing nice to say’.

This has become a common issue, especially in this category.

When, exactly, was it decided that feature requests are immune from even the slightest hint of dissent? A forum [in the literal etymology of the term] is meant to be an arena for discussion and debate. This idea that if you aren’t slobbering over every single feature request to come down the pike, you’re not allowed to comment is anathema to even the most basic sense of civil discussion.

As long as an opinion is free of ad hominems or other forms of abuse, it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to say “This shouldn’t be a priority” or “Let’s wait until such livery actually exists.”

Every feature request can’t be implemented. It’s a simple fact, given that each requires that FDS draw from a finite pool of time and resources.

If every feature request is just 30 posts saying “Great idea”, what’s the point of posting them on the forum? If even such mild dissent as “it doesn’t exist yet” creates havoc, make all feature requests private.

FDS can get mountains and mountains of feature requests with no input from the community. Because if only affirmative responses are allowed, it provides the same efficacy as no input at all as regards assessing overall demand within the community.


They never announced the 767’s were going to go.

I am not freaking out, just do your research.

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Please read @Tim_B post.

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When they do get their 787s, they’ll probably change the colour scheme because it doesn’t go well.


This is an issue I’m starting to see a lot in the Feature requests. As soon as a new livery is announced, people hurry off to write a feature request about it when it will be coming out in 2 years. I don’t know if this is because people just want to be the first ones to post a request or what, but try waiting when it has been painted: that way we know for sure that the liveries will match in IF and IRL. Just a bit of patience would solve this issue, understandably something we as humans struggle with :)


Agreed I think it should be closed because it is WAY to early to add this

Well keep in mind IF has added a Delta 787, which Delta currently does not operate any of.

So? That’s completely irrelevant. The luck of the draw was not in favor of FDS.

I already told you all, don’t piggyback on that reason.

As soon as an airline announces a new aircraft and a thread is posted in RWA you bet someone will request a feature for it not long after… is it a race? Who can request this new plane the fastest?