WestJet 737 MAX 8

This aircraft and airline is amazing and plus we need more westjet aircraft in IF!


That would be nice to see the MAX variation of the 737!


It surely would but even if the MAX doesn’t get added anytime soon I just hope they add more westjet liveries to three 738 and 739 or even the 767

I’d prefer cockpit updates (lights and detail)

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True, even with high graphics the cockpit is still a bit blurry and pixelated

Hopefully it will be in a soon update!

Which Max? - 7 - 8 or - 9

I’d prefer the 8

Um i didn’t check

Let’s just keep it at the Max 8 for now

They ordered 25 7s and 40 8s

Possibly a Germania livery aswell? ;)

But yeah I prefer the 8

I checked on Google the pic led me to their blog and it said Max 8

This is irrelevant to this topic but there are rumours that there will be an md-11 update?

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