Westjet 737-800 Transatlantic Adventure (EGLL to CYHM)

I’ve always wanted to try this… (this flight and making a story/photo thread)

This morning around 1130 Zulu on the Expert Server, I flew the 737-800 (Westjet) across the pond, departing from EGLL (London, UK) and arriving at CYHM (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) an airport just outside of Toronto, Ontario - a Westjet mini-hub close to where I live.

All the warning bells went off that I wouldn’t make it due to fuel/range concerns before I departed, however I had determination and confidence (with a little step climb executed). I ended up arriving in CYHM after 7h 57mn of transatlantic flight with 29% fuel remaining! I could have made it even further west to Edmonton or Calgary! I don’t think this particular Westjet 737-800 model meets the standard for ETOPS - so luckily we had no engine problems over the ocean. 😉

I always liked that acronym - “Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim”
…or whatever it stands for…

📷 Next slide please…

  1. Holding short Taxiway N8 for 09R departure @ EGLL while an Aer Lingus A350 touches down with some heavies in the background heading to N11 for departure.

  1. A little reverse shot showing that gorgeous Aer Lingus livery on the A350 (love those winglets)

  1. “Westjet 519, line up and wait Runway 09R”, “Roger, line up and wait 09R Westjet 519” - oOooOoo look at that Air France 777!

  1. Goodbye Heathrow! (Insert London Fog joke here)

  1. Sun setting over the Atlantic
    (or is it rising? can’t tell anymore… I’m tired)

  1. The sun was rising, also - abruptly woke up by the FO - it’s windy in Ontario, 27kts eek… Time to break out the trusty autoland - using the ILS 12 approach, I’m barely awake.

  1. Short final - the 12 passengers on board are about to get woken up by this slammer onto #12 CYHM… (whoops… could have fit more PAX on this thing)

  1. Landing. It wasn’t that bad! jk… it was a huge SLAMMER LOL!
    Better reverse thrust, going a little fast. (Nice shot of that Canadian flag!)

  1. At the gate, waiting for some stairs and my breakfast.

  1. Final arrival mapping after touchdown via LiveFlight… Great App!!

📷 Next slide please…

No more slides, so yeah… thanks for checking this out!

Albeit not the greatest photos, it sure was fun taking the 737-800 across the pond - wondering if I’d make it the entire time. No swimming today!


Looks like you had a nice flight!

I see you flew over my hometown Buffalo!

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Sure did, that’s about an hour and half drive from me! When we used to be able to travel places, I would always fly Southwest out of Buffalo!

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Great photos!

Ps. Westjet fly to Gatwick currently

@Ecoops123 Look!

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I like the reflection of the sunset on the aircraft. Great shots!

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Listen ima be real with you, When you fly the 737 especially on long flights it just feels calm

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Sure, not with the 737-800 though… 😉

…with this beauty:

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