Westjet 737-800 black nose cap

Hey there, I’ve recently noticed something a bit odd on the Westjet 737-800 livery specifically. It’s missing the small black cap around the cockpit windows, it gives a unique look to this 737 in particular and I hope a texture fix can be made in the near future. It’s already shown on the -700. Thank you in advanced if it does get added!


This is more like an issue, this should be in #support.

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Thank you, fixed!

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I wouldn’t call it an issue.Its just something that they forgot to add or didn’t know of

If that’s the case, then I’d suggest to do the following:

Since they “forgot” to add the black shade under the cockpit window then just PM a staff member or moderator to pass the message to the developers.

Yeah, that’d be best. I’ll do that thank you.

PM the mods, not the staff members. They can forward it to the staff team.

The issue will be addressed shortly and arrive with an in-app update of the aircraft! Thanks for the report.