WestJet 737-700 (Maple Leaf Logo)

It’s just a slight livery change, but slowly all WestJet planes will get this livery. All new aircraft that will be delivered will have this feature.

In case you can see it, instead of the standard WestJet logo after “WestJet” on the side of the plane, it has a maple leaf around it. What do you all think?

Photo credits: Me :)


I don´t like those colours…a bit boring

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They are becoming more like Air Canada. Both have a maple leaf.
Can you imagine if all of the USA airlines used stars and stripes for a logo.


That would be…most interesting…

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Nice livery. The maple leaf adds a nice sense of patriotism to the livery.


Wait, it hardly changed! No offense but I don’t think this slight change is really top priority. Sorry I’m cranky today:(

I like it not priority but when the aircraft gets redone

They could just add the maple leaf in the existing livery.

I like the colors, brilliant livery, I long the added touch of colours on the winglets

Here’s a bigger picture to those who couldn’t see it (I heard a hard time as well, nevertheless great picture!). I’m not sure what to think of this new livery, I kinda liked it how it was. Photo credits to airline reporter.com

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Like the maple leaf because it makes the livery recognizably Canadian.