Western Global MD-11F

I am giving credit for this post to @EAG-711 who wanted this as a feature and asked me to put it in for him.

I hope that everyone likes this livery and that it might get implemented in the near future.

This is a duplicate, but it hasn’t been active in over a year. Feel free to PM @ moderators and ask them to close the old one so we can carry on here.


Ok. Will do.

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Old one closed.


Don’t forget to vote for your own topic request! 😉

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Thank you good sir!

I love this livery as I saw this in Liege airport. Plenty of Cargo operations are bound in this airport daily.

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I do too! Very basic yet intriguing for some reason. Hit it with a vote so we can keep this one relevant lol

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Bump! Let’s get this in the game because they have routes all of the world!

Heck yes to this.

Absolute must! Voted!

Yes give it some attention! We need this

I don’t have votes but I want this

Voted! I would love to have this awesome livery on IF. Currently doing all my WGA flights with the generic MD-11F livery.


Giving a bump to this topic. I really like this livery!