Western Air ERJ-145

Hello everyone I am here to introduce Western Air ERJ-145.This airline hasent been released yet but it seems like a pretty nice plane.This airline is based in the Bahamas and IF doesn’t have.Western Air has signed a mutli-aircraft deal to acquire Embraer 145LR jets, slated for delivery in Summer of 2018. These long range jets will provide a new level of luxury, comfort and convenience for passengers. The jets will be used on the new international flights schedule.

Hello! When posting a feature request please include an image of the plane, and maybe some facts about the airline/aircraft.

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Sorry I thought I posted a pic

In the title it says crj-900

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It’s fixed thx for pointing out the mistake

If you are requesting a crj-900 could you find that airline with that aircraft and variant. It is just easier to see what it would really look like instead of a different, but similar aircraft.

It will not operate the 900 but the 900 us similar to the E145 so I would like it to be on a similar aircraft.

if thats ok becasue I love the airline it self

The devs to my knowledge don’t add fictional liveries to IF. If you want this aircraft, then I would suggest the actual plane. Although there is always a chance. :)

Oh ok I will see if that work

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This is not fictional livery they have placed three orders.

That doesn’t make it a real livery yet. They could always cancel. (Delta 787’s) But like I said in a post above: “There is always a chance.”

I hope we see some more regional aircraft in the future!

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Yup just like you said I agree :)

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And the ERJ-145 is perfect

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