West to East I an A-10 journey I KSTS-KTNX

Well This is techniccally part 2 of my kind of series of exploring ende to end of solo regions … here i went from @Flightistic’s favourite airport KSTS to uh Tonopah Testing range . and since it is a testing range why not try some high speed landings huh?


server- solo
time- 1hr 09 mins
plane- A-10
departure- KSTS

ahhh an late night departure from KSTS

now Rotate

Lets get some light in here shall we? so we can see the wonderful landscape below

on final barely seeing the runway. So i had an idea since it was a testing range i thought of doing a 300knots landing with the A-10 sooooo

and since i was 300 knots …late touchdown

and barely overunning


Not only my favorite, I also live near it:)
Great shots!


Great photos tho!

@Ethan_Lee1 this was technically first

Different post is technically a different subject in the same series :P

Yeah next i am doing denver