West Runway's are the Best Runway's @KORD!

Hello there and welcome to this spotting topic!

Today I went spotting at the airport that I’ve been to way too many times, and that would be Chicago O’Hare. I don’t think I need to inform you much about it, as me, @Xaro, and @mkwiecek have done a few spotting topics at this airport, all you really need to know is that the West (the Best) runways at KORD were operating today, which is a refreshing change!

Anyway, I don’t wanna type a huge essay, so let’s jump right in!

Firstly, this Eastern 767-300 coming from Miami!

After that, we got this Korean Air 777-300ER operating a flight from Seoul!

Next, this American Eagle E145 coming from Lexington!

Changing the angle, this Japan Airlines 777-300ER from Tokyo!

An airline not often seen here, this Cargojet 767-300ER arriving from Vancouver!

Making sure this is an authentic spotting topic of mine, this United 737-MAX 9 from Denver!

Here we have a United Express E175 on final approach from Oklahoma City!

Arriving from Baltimore, this Southwest 737-700 in the Heart Livery!

Here we have a Lufthansa 747-8 coming in after it’s hop across the pond from Frankfurt!

I call this final one In-n-Out (even if the closest one is in Eastern Texas), arriving is an American 787-8 from Athens while in the back an Atlas Air 747-400 departs for Anchorage!

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Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!


Nice spotting! I always wanted to go and spot at Chicago ohare

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Thank You! Indeed, awesome airport, definetly worth it if you get a chance!

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You should’ve seen the shock on my face when I saw Eastern was back! :P Amazing photos BTW

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Thank you! Definitely cool to see, as it isn’t normal to see here!

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Lufthansa for the win! 🤩

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Lovely 😍 Korean Air 777-300ER 😍❤

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Most definetly! So happy to be able to finally spot a passenger 747 again, in only about 2 years we lost British Airways, Korean Air, KLM, and others that were one-offs, but at least Lufthansa is still here with the 748!

Thank You, glad you like it!

Depending on which Lufthansa decides on, you’ll most likely also get to see either an A340-600 or A380 starting next summer. They plan to use them till the A350s with First Class arrive in 2023 because their Premium Hub Munich (my home) currently hasn’t any first-class product as it’s an A350-only hub long-haul-wise and the current ones only have Business.

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Oh how I wish they could send that here, but it has been pretty standard for the last few years- 2x daily 748 FRA flights and 1x Daily 359 MUC flight

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