West Jet Walt Disney World Frozen Livery

This livery is very nice!!!


Here is another West Jet Walt Disney World Livery!!!


I saw the plane above this message at Sky Harbor International Airport two summers ago!!! :)

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I am really starting to love airplanes which have more than 75% of the airplane area painted.


Cool. Is this becoming the in-thing right now…? Special liveries all over the place…

I know right!!! :)

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There is nothing like seeing that plane climbing on a cold, crisp winter morning, the dark blue contrasting nicely with the azure of the sky. Simply beautiful.

I love when I see these kind of planes it’s just so cool and you don’t see them everyday !!

What plane is this?

Looking good

All planes besides American Airlines and a couple of others are 99% painted.

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Guys, can you please just… Let it go?


I can’t take this movie anymore…


That is amazing!!! :)

These are both West Jet Boeing 737-800s.

Very nice livery but… I’m not a Westjet fan

My #1 is Air Canada. My #2 is West Jet.

Disney must be running low on cash, milking everything they can out of Frozen.

Omg this is the best Disney world livery and one of the best special liveries if not the best! It needs more likes guys.