West Jet 767-300ER

Looks like West Jet just scaled up their fleet from 737s to 767s to get their foothold into Europe/Asia.



I thought Westjet was just a Canadian Budget-sort of airline.

@El_Alex: Yes they are, but they happen to be venturing into the world of long haul flights

To All: They also introduce a new livery with that 767-300ER

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

New livery in Infinite Flight Please!

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My uncle who flus for west jet gets the honor to fly one in a few weeks

I wouldn’t call them “budget”. Their price point is about in line with AC fares.

Hope they fly to LHR or MAN.

They also recently purchased some Q400s


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I’m sure they don’t fly to Asia yet

They fly to Ireland in a 737-800 from St Johns to Dublin every Sunday so that’s good business for them venturing to the long haul sector because they have competition with Air Canada

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I know Air Canada flies to Beijing, Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Westjet might reach NRT if the 767 has luck, otherwise it might stay in Hawaii

I’ve seen a West Jet 737 in Dublin and Glasgow

First commercial WestJet 767 flight to the UK occurred a couple days ago on May 6th. WestJet Flight 22 from YVR to LGW and WestJet flight 3 from YYZ to LGW.

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No… They have been flying out of YYC and YVR-YYZ for ages

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Snap, forgot to add ‘flight to UK’. Thanks for the correction.