West Coast is the Best Coast

For ATC Choice Day, I decided to fly on the best coast. Vancouver to San Francisco!

This flight is flown in real life by Air Canada’s A319-100. Thanks to @ThomasThePro for the YVR service :)

Fun windy departure out of Vancouver with the white peaked mountains in the back.

Flying over Mount Rainer in Washington

Flying directly over Mount Sashta

Transitioning over San Francisco airspace

Evening Moon 🌝

Seperation Bust ⚠️ Good job @ToasterStroodie

A fun parallel approach with @CaptainLeo1!

Getting followed by big boi 787


Nice Pictures!

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Beautiful photos!


5 star photos. These are amazing!!! I am starting to ask? is this real life because it looks like real life?

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Great photos of CA!
(It’s Mt. Shasta by the way)

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To be fair, that UA 737 was being an utter pain to manage. Still, apologies for the inconvenience. I hope your passengers enjoyed looking at the plane up close! Nice photos, and thanks for flying in.




Not @ToasterStroodie’s fault for the bust. The UA B739 never switched to my freq. when he should’ve and he just kept flying circles.

Anyway, great photos. You’re welcome for the ATC. 😝


That parallel approach though!


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Great shots! Still, East Coast is still the best coast.


Gotta say though, “east coast best coast” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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Great shots! Glad to see you didn’t land on the taxiway. :)

Nice shots! Air Canada also flies the 787 on this route seasonally if you ever want to try that :)

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Nice photos! Although I have to respectfully disagree that the West Coast is the best.


East coast has joined the chat

Gulf coast spectates

Nice stuff!

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Your beaches don’t really have “waves” though when you talk about a Coast
Unless you go to Florida lol

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True…but your seafood is nothing in comparison to ours

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is it? Like lobster sure. That’s why most people eat crab here. We got great crab


We have great everything when it comes to seafood. Maryland for crab, Maine for Lobster, clams, shrimp, the list goes on forever

Love these shots they’re amazing. 6 and 8 are phenomenal!!