West Coast, Best Coast: The Return | Spotting at KLAX


Apparently, I have now made it a habit of showing up at airports a couple weeks before Infinite Flight Meetups but never being able to make it to said meetups (first Zurich, now Los Angeles). Despite some fairly non-California-like weather, it ultimately ended up working out as you shall soon see. Photos were taken with @Kamryn, @Altaria55, and @Cameron_Stone (@Transport_Hub went home early because he’s lame) at a variety of spots including Sepulveda Boulevard, Imperial Hill, Quik Park, and Vista Del Mar.

Gear: Sony α7iii + Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS & [sometimes] Sony 1.4X TC

ANA 787-9 “R2-D2” [JA873A]

Good to see you again.

Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 [F-ONUI]

This livery at this spot are the embodiment of California vibes.

United Airlines 737-900(ER) [N36447]

Pure luck, I am a skill issue.

KLM 787-10 [PH-BKD]

The 787 can have some palm tree, as a treat.

LATAM 777-300(ER) “Galaxy’s Edge” [PT-MUA]

Please ignore the absolutely mid lighting, livery cool.

Condor A330-900 [D-ANRA]

Beach towels and palm trees.

Korean Air 747-8i [HL7644]

Skyline shots just don’t hit the same on 24L.

Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 [N391HA]

Is this LAX? Is this HNL? World may never know.

National Air Services A318-100 ACJ [VP-CKH]

Well this was a surprise.

Asiana Cargo 747-400(F) [HL7423]

Thanks for landing 24L, hope you enjoyed your 20 minute taxi.

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Best livery out there. Nice shots


Honestly, I can’t tell. The title doesn’t help much 😔

Great photos! 👏


Wu is getting hot 🥵


Yeah it’s super cool especially with golden hour.


I been hot wys


Based (I would know I don’t have enough money to travel around the world)

I have enough money to buy a train ticket to the airport and back

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Neither do I, I just don’t spend it wisely.


Yeah its better that I don’t say how much money I have given my local store

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i need to know how you did this xd

you have yet again left me speechless, absolutely amazing pictures as always


1/13 and luck lol

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That United 737 pan is awesome man

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Thanks man!

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When did you spot that Latam 77W?

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Sunday October 1st

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That equipment is appropriately $4k-$5k for that kinda quality?

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I can’t tell if you’re saying “damn I gotta spend that much to get higher quality” or “damn this guy’s photos are low quality for that kind of money” but empirically the answer is my setup is around $3k on the used market but you definitely do NOT need to spend that much to get high quality photos.

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No i completely understand what your saying. I know it’s not a black and white between equipment and cost for similar results.

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Yeah, I tend to edit my photos more for art than quality so I’ll pick photos sometimes that are aesthetically pleasing rather than technically perfect and thus I may not be the best metric for what my gear can do strictly quality wise.

Here’s a somewhat good example (although it is 1920 long edge) of the quality when I actually focus on quality.

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See I cater to the IFC unlike @Kamryn