West Coast, Best Coast Part 2 | Spotting at KLAX | March 6th, 2022

Hello Community!

Here is the (long overdue) second installment of my LAX Spotting Trip from back in March. I got so busy with school that I totally forgot about it, but I just got my wisdom teeth pulled so I get a weekend free to do whatever and I chose to edit these.

Find the E175.

Skill issue.

A very tropical photo.

Overused caption about how he is zooming.

Light and dark.

No thoughts, head empty.

Imagine not getting this until your third trip.

No thoughts, head empty (again).

Good morning.

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Great shots! Can you post the spot where you got these views?

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These photos make me realize that I’m such a crappy plane spotter. Amazin photos Andrew.

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Hawaiian hits different with the palm trees 🥶

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Beautiful these are amazing

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skill issue

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Hawaiian is Vista Del Mar Park, Nippon and ATN are Imperial Hill (Clutter’s Park), Fiji is Proud Bird, and everything else is helicopter.

That is simply not true lol, and anyways you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone except past you.


Ok mr. 15 topic backlog


Great shots

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why u bully me

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bc funny

Hello Andrew,

It has come to my attention that you have posted the long overdue second installment of your LAX Spotting Trip from back in March.

I must say these photos are quite satisfactory; I am content with their quality and I derived enjoyment from viewing them.


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Hello Mr. Stone,

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate that you took the time out of your day to view this topic, and I am glad that you found the contents to be of quality.


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I have to say, this is my mist favorite spotting topic. You’ve got everything I could wish for from heli shots to palm shots in here. Amazing!

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Andrew the type of guy to comment skill issue when he’s so ascended as a photographer he can literally fly smh

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Those shots are amazing, keep it up!


skill issues are always present

thanks guys

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These photos are amazing!

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Thank you!