West coast airports

Just wondering why we are focusing on the west coast of US destinations? Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world and it’s not even 3D. Not complaining, just wanted to put in my 2 cent. We have been seemingly on some of the same airports for weeks. However, I do want to say great job on the upgrades, looking forward to Ipad updates to be available soon. Thx

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The devs certainly intend to make Atlanta in 3D in the future.

It’s not just Atlanta - there’s a whole entire planet-sized world of airports out there, that need to be turned into 3D and need to be included as well. Atlanta will come too. Just be patient. :)

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Yes not just Atlanta but Dallas Chicago etc

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I honestly have no clue why Atlanta hasn’t been added in 3D yet. How could the busiest airport in the world not even get 3D buildings in the first 3D update? I assume it’s because Atlanta is such a big airport with lots of buildings but it definitely needs to be added soon.

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I agree it is annoying that we have 3 airports in California with buildings

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My guess: Atlanta is huge. It’s a massive project to make it 3D.

So far, we’ve seen a pretty even number of smaller regional/GA airports and major hubs. This is likely because smaller airports are simply easier to build and require less review time by whoever is in charge of that. As we’ve seen with the last two updates, major airports have been distributed pretty evenly among the ATC regions, and the US East already has JFK, CLT, and BOS coming soon.

So, it should only be a matter of time until Atlanta, O’Hare, and others are added!

Edit: There’s 4 west coast airports that I’d say are “major,” (Phoenix, LAX, SFO, and DEN), and three of those were added in 21.1. So it’s not like they’ve been making US West 3D at the expense of everywhere else.


As shown quite clearly here, there’s no specific focus on any parts of the world. We try to spread them out as much as possible, including both smaller and larger airports.

KATL will get it’s buildings eventually. Don’t worry :)