West atlantic CRJ-200PF

i think this cargo livery of the crj-200 would be a brilliant addition to the sim as at the moment we dont have a cargo livery of the CRJ that has been revealed. Also, i think this plane would be really fun to fly between big and small airports to simulate flights like this in real life. Finally, i feel there isnt really a plane like this currently in the sim and so i think it would be a really interesting addition to the fleet.


Not hard to upload one… I did it for you



Oh cheers yeah i was in a hurry to put this up as am v busy today but thanks i’ll edit it now

A very unique livery, take my vote! :)

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Thanks appreciate it:)

Absolutely beautiful livery! Highly encourage the votes here!

Thanks m8! Really hoping this gets added but maybe a little to late for me to upload it :)

I must say that this livery is strickingly similar to United’s battleship grey livery. I like it but sadly out of votes.

I hadnt seen that resemblance till now your right it is similar dont worry about the votes thing though! :)

I revised the photo for a second time and I believe this aircraft was actually part of United for two main reasons. The first reason is that this isn’t west Atlantic’s actual livery meaning that the plane had to come from another airline and was slightly changed to fit the airlines standards. The second reason is that I you can see the window outlines from the original plane, this reason isn’t very credible as all CRJ-200Fs are actually planes that have been converted so the windows must be present. I shall clear up a vote for this one so I can get some Battleship grey vibes!

Beautiful livery!!! Voted!!!

Thanks appreciate it mate! :)

Cheers for the vote :) i think it’s their most recent livery but i might be wrong there also your right this is definitely a converted freighter apparently the plane in that photo used to be with lufthansa cityline as the plane in the photo was destroyed in an accident a few years ago and i read about the crash recently

Sad to hear about the accident. I would never have guessed that it belonged to Lufthansa.

yeah both pilots died :(

Very interesting, never knew something like a cry-200 (which is quite small obviously😂😂) would ever be used for cargo. Then again they use c208, but still.

yeah i agree that’s why i think this plane would be so good, it would be so fun flying to small airports but further apart and faster

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