West Atlantic 737-800BCF (Operated by FedEx)

Before you say this aircraft is owned by West Atlantic but operated by FedEx. West Atlantic are based at Coventry Baginton in the UK of GB, they are a cargo airline with a fleet of Boeing 737-300BCFs, -400BCFs, and some -800BCFs. There is only one operated by FedEx and I think it’d be nice to have a more unique livery.

For more info pop over to their website https://westatlantic.eu/ when you have some time.

Let me know what you think about this livery and if you like it drop a vote! Thanks!

OOHH, noice livery plus great plane equals an awesome feature!
I’d vote mate, but i am out :(


That’s fine, maybe one day!

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It would be very interesting if the devs added a bunch of cargo liveries to the 737 as a handful of operators use the 737 for cargo.


Sounds like a good idea!

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I have never seen this before.🤯

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It fly’s all over Europe, normally Liege from EGPH

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Just bumping this ;)

This is a cool livery and that’s why I’m bumping this!

A freighter 737 would be awesome but a rework should still come first.

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Agreed. Although we had one in December another small update with new liveries would be nice.