West African region

As we all know, airports in every other continent with the exception of one from Africa. Being an African IF enthusiast, it’s quite disappointing how we have been ignored for so long. My home airport Kotoka Intl in Ghana, Murtala Mohammed in Nigeria, Port Bouet in Côte D’Ivoire and Douala Intl in Cameroon are some of the major hubs that host a multitude of airlines from all over the world. I think its about time the developers paid some attention to the rest of us. Cheers


Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa are too far apart to be put into one region. Why not map out a certain area of Africa you would like to have added to make this a bit less vague. Perhaps change the title to the region of Africa you’d like as well because you can’t request ‘no African airport’ to be added (:

Lome Togo international airport