WesleyHenrich ATC Tracking Thread @ LSZH [CLOSED]

Airport: KSFO
Status: Closed
Frenquencies: Tower/Ground
Information: Pattern work accepted
Time: 2019-04-26T20:00:00Z2019-04-26T21:00:00Z

I want feedback on my control here please.

Feedback here or in PM?

Here please.

Feedback here or PM?

Here please. Remember: not pattern work allowed

Well,if you want me to judge you on what you did just now,you still need to work on some stuff.I can’t give you much feedback as pattern work was not allowed.

These are the things you could work on

1)You didn’t use your runways.

2)Since I wasn’t in the pattern and was requesting to land,you should have Told me to enter downwind then Cleared me to land.You only Cleared me.

If I were you I would allow pattern if you want to improve yourself.

Ok I understand. I will consider permitting pattern next time. Thanks for the hint of enter downwind before cleared. Thanks for the feedback.

If I’m in the pattern you can just Clear me If I’m the only one in the pattern.If there are multiple,You want to sequence.Have you watch Any videos on about sequencing? If not watch it The Art of Sequencing - YouTube

Yes, I watched. I need to train more.

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