Wesley Henrich

Hello all! Quick question. I’m due to renew my membership 6th April however given the current economical environment I would not be able to pay the necessary fee. If I don’t renew when Im back on good financial backing would my status as Grade 3 still be there?

Depends on your stats. And when your going to renew the subscription.

The only thing that could slide would be flight time and landings for your last 90 days. Besides that everything you need for grads 3 will be there.

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Also unknown as to why you titled this thread as you did. For that sake I will also be tagging @WesleyHenrich lol

Refer to Thomas’ and Kevin’s postings for your answer. Good luck and stay safe during this Coronavirus outbreak


I’m sorry Wesley I dunno why he ended up in topic lol

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@WesleyHenrich was spotted flying an Etihad plane to EGCC today…

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Fan letter 😀


I’m pretty sure he just wants you to pay for it, but it’s still technically a letter.


Lol! No no no no no


We are already known 😁

Lol 💸

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