Wesley_Fry’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I am going to have a ATC thread to have some feedback on my controlling. Give feedback please. Helps tons! Enjoy. I am currently @ N/A controlling, Ground and Tower!


Departing Runways - N/A

Arriving Runways - N/A

Frequency’s - N/A

Pattern Work - N/A

Server - N/A

Other Info - Please do what the ATC person tells you! Thanks

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This topic would then belong in the #atc category. Please move it there. Thank you!

Hi, I’m not sure how much feedback you want, but I would suggest opening up smaller airports with less things to micromanage.

For example, you had an aircraft landing on 22R while also telling @Caelifera to land simultaneously on 13R, resulting in a Go Around.

At another point, I had already began touching down on 13R and you gave a cross runway command to an aircraft at the far end.

Be sure to open smaller airports next time, and announce it on this thread so people can come and give you feedback. ;)


Here are some of the things I spotted as N7:

  • You cleared me for pushback even though I never requested it.

  • When I requested takeoff remaining in the pattern, you never gave me a traffic direction.

  • You never cleared me for the option. I announced my position to try to get you to clear me but you never did.

I suggest you read the ATC manual to get a better understanding of all the aspects of ATC.


Remember to change the status to closed

I’m also training to join OFATC and I have my own tracking tread and the only airport I use is KDAL which is Dallas love field and it’s located southeast of DFW and it’s a good airport with only 2 runways. I would suggest to use an airport with 2 parallel runways and one that isn’t to bog

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Hey I would recommend opening at a different airport… not one that is very busy or else it won’t be as high quality of controlling session and for us

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Also if you aren’t IFATC make sure you don’t have it as your virtual organization


As a member of IFATC, I can confirm what the two previous members said. KJFK is not the airport you want for a tracking tread. There are so many airports with 2 parallel runways. That’s what you should be looking for. It’s the best way to learn. Also, yes the IFATC virtual airlines tag is for IFATC members only. If you are not active IFATC we would prefer if you removed the tag. Thanks for understanding. It makes it easier for us to identify one another! Like I said previously, remember to change the title when you close!

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Are you opening another airport now ?

You were N7?

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Yes I am opening a airport in a few hours. I will keep u updated!

I am currently controlling at DAL @Varunsehdev

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Are you there?

I don’t see you at KDAL, or have you left already?

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I am getting ready one sec. now I am there!

I don’t see you?

I see u Dylan!

Don’t forget to clear me!

How do I clear you?