Went through the ground upon landing


So I was doing a flight from YMML to WSSS, everything went smoothly and when I was about to touch the runway upon landing, I went through the ground. My wifi was good and nothing seemed wrong. Help would be appreciated!

Screenshot for prove


Did this result in violations? A way to fix this would be to clear the scenery cache, and redownload the app. If it was vios from this, a mod will help you


I did this flight on the casual server for fun , so i didnt get any violations. I will try out the options you have given. Thanks.


No problem


Can you try to recreate the issue. Maybe it is a one time glitch.


This has happened to me several times before, you just have to do the steps above. It is a glitch, but rarely a one time glitch


Let me know that after you do those, the problem persists via PM


The issue has been resolved! Thanks for the help guys!


Why though? It’s okay for the OP to post here. No need for him to PM you :)


Wait what, isn’t this normal? Oh jeez, I have to reconsider if my landings are as good as I thought they were…