Went in the A320 simulator

Today, in flight school, I went in the A320 simulator. Here is some pics:



Awesome. Great, which flight school? How did you find it, did you actually make a flight?

Nice do you fly a real plane?

EIWF, It doesn’t have a name and it’s only a local school, the school took us to EIDW to use the simulators and yes I actually made a flight EIDW-EHAM

How did you find it? The length of checklists are amazing aren’t they. Did you have to use the FMC or just a freehand flight? Were you PF or PM?

It was a free hand flight

Did you have a copilot? Did you pull off the landing?

Oh, man. Didn’t you take a video?

Yes I had a first officer but he was observing and teaching me, I approached using the autopilot and on final I freehanded with the joystick.

It was a generally smooth landing at EHAM but I think I might of over flared a bit. Wish I could of made a video of it.


Wasn’t allowed to do a video, only pics

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Superb great to hear. Keep on working hard and eventually you can practice the flares day in day out 😉

outstanding!! Was it a full motion simulator?

congratulations and good luck with your studies (MPL?)!

That is wonderful! Best wishes in your flight training. 🙂

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