Went from grade 4 to 1

So I was doing a flight from Goose Bay to London Heathrow on British Airways A318, I made sure the speed and altitude is stable, I was at around 36000 feet when I left my device for a bit, only to come around 30 mins later to find out that the flight crashed, and I received 6 violations apparently due to over speeding which I think happened because I stalled and I’m back to grade 1!!! I don’t think anything should’ve caused stalling! What happened?!

You could have been heavy and too high if you stalled, what was the weight of the aircraft?

Feel your pain, had something similar a couple months ago. I’m sure your Airbus stalled because of its weight in combination with your altitude. You probably had a lot of fuel on board, so starting on a low flight level is key. Think about steep climbing next time. Sadly you have to wait until you can enter expert again.


Infinite flight 101
NEVER EVER LEAVE A DEVICE FOR A LONG TIME trust me it never ends good

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Agreed with that. No good and leaving your device unattended should be a violation in itself…would a pilot leave the cockpit unattended?


It could have been a number of things, wind, external factors, you could have even nudged the throttle by mistake etc

This happened to a while back. It’s a bummer. I went from 3 to 1. I had 5 consecutive violations one after the other for over speeding. Sounds like you crashed after over speeding from the stall hence violations being issued at some point then, I was over speeding for falling asleep (yup, I know!) and letting the speed creep up. What I learned is, if doing long hauls or flights where you can’t give it full attention, use the casual server to avoid potential violations. Wait for seven days and you will be out back up to level 4 – you won’t be able to access the training/ expert server for a week, after that your grade will return to 4 and normal server access will resume.



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You can try to appeal to the mods, depending on the situation, they might remove the violations. @schyllberg did it for me once when I left my device unattended and when my aircraft flew over the true north, it crashed just like yours. It’s probably a bug if you made sure everything was fine the moment you left your device.

So I’m supposed to stay by my phone for 12 hours on a long haul? Not that I would ever do any flight over an hour because that’s insane


That’s because the true north thing was a legit glitch in the game. Every other thread I’ve seen similar has upheld the violations.

Don’t do this.
Violations are not reversed. They are system generated.

We have plenty of posts where people report similar situations; many of us been here, including me. And all have been told the same: we feel sorry for your bad luck. Speed violations at high altitude happen often. Been there twice, including the crash, Grade 1, etc. Yes, it sucks. Make the best of it.

Lesson for me: stay with the aircraft until you’re at cruise. Only leave when you’re there and you see your engines running under 85% capacity.

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There is no need to sit byb your phone for the entire flight, or even complete it on Casual providing you plan your flight correctly, work out the weights, step climbs etc then it will fly smoothly without any issue.

Like @Robertdiaz123 I fly the majority of the time on flights lasting 1-2hrs, as I like to watch the scenary and enjoy the flight, however have also done plenty of long haul flights over night with out any issues.


I was extremely fortuanate to be given a second chance which not other people have. I was so frustrated at that time I found out my flight crash. Much thanks to the mods.

The true north thing happened when I was cruising, so it was a confirmed glitch. Yea and you’re right the risk of your flight crashing is very high except when on the ground or cruising with NAV mode ON.

Even riskier when on ES. But at the same time the level of realism is high if you mind other pilots going through your aircraft.

Oh I didn’t know your grade will grow back. If that’s the case I don’t mind getting system generated violations since I can access ES after a week, the only thing which I have to do is more landings.

It looks like you were descending and then when you hit FL290 at 8:31:50 your plane changed heading. When you hit 5k you were going 433GS.

Looks like maybe your AP got disabled or was not set to begin with when you walked away?


Fortunately I had not experienced that yet, but I tend to make long haul flights while I am asleep. More than once, I’ve crashed when I woke up, but without any report or ghost.
Most of the times the main problem is fuel and/or cargo.
If you don’t have enough fuel, it’s obvious what will happen.
But sometimes if you are heavy, you cannot go from FL100 to FL380 directly, you have to do step climb and burn some fuel before you climb to FL350 - FL380
Not just that, it depends if the air is more efficient or not, if the weather is also heavy, for going faster you will need more thrust, so that means you will burn more fuel and maybe you won’t arrive with enough fuel.
It is kinda complex this aspect to be honest.
You need to make sure that you are not using more than 85% of N1, that means that you are heavy or in a wrong altitude, and therefore you will start to lose speed, stall and then crash.
That is why step climbing is so important, you make sure (even if you are heavy), to stabilize between flight levels and once you are a bit lighter climb to your final cruise altitude (not to much V/S though).

Hope that works for you,

LoL this is happening to me a while ago.

You can look in your logbook, which can be accessed via the app :)

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here are some tips

  1. Restart device and delete and install the IF app

It shouldn’t be in support, it’s a violation issue which is I moved it to #live :)
#live concerns all things live, including violations.

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It shouldn’t since there nothing wrong with the app itself or the sim. #support is for issues within the app, and since this is a incident where he got violations, that doesn’t count as a glitch or bug…