Went flying in the Bay Area

Hey there!
Today I went flying (on the co-pilot seat, but it was still awesome) in a de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver in the San Francisco Bay Area. Luckily we had the best weather for flying today. I took some photos and thought I’d share the best ones with you guys!
Hope you enjoy :)

The Beaver and it’s gorgeous engine

The cockpit (throttle reminds me of IF‘s C208)

The Golden Gate Bridge

Downtown SF


Neat. Going there this summer

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Very cool pictures!!!

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What airport? I’d love to know as I often see these small aircraft flying around when I fly from SFO which is very often for me as I am also in the Bay!

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The planes are departing at the Commodore Center Seaplane Base near Sausalito, CA. They have the Beavers and a helipad over there. :)

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Hello from the south San Francisco Bay Area! :D

You should really stop by SJC sometime in the future while you are in the Bay :D

Also, does the place you were at have an ICAO code


Well, you definitely live in at a nice place! :)

I’d love to come to KSJC in the future, maybe when Lufthansa resumes service to it. At the moment I need to fly to KSFO because of my status at Star Alliance, but I did see the airport a couple of times during approach into KSFO.

The airport I flew from does not have an ICAO code as far as I know.

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Well, United and ANA both fly to SJC and they are both Star Alliance :D

Hopefully Lufthansa resumes EDDF-KSJC service once they receive their Dreamliners

BA brings a B789 to SJC (EGLL-KSJC) and they are profiting pretty well on that (but they are in OneWorld)


I don’t think that’ll be anytime soon :(

They ended it due to low demand I believe and they already have the A388 and A346 service to SFO

I have never personally heard of the airport you flew from, but I will definitely research more about it and see if I can ever visit (I’ll be flying out of SFO on Friday!)

Also, my dad has Star Alliance Gold with United so I rarely fly out of SJC (and always SFO instead!)

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Oh I‘m there on Sat heading back to FRA

It’s definitely worth, but I was really lucky with the weather today.

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Omg that looks soo much fun!!

I’m jealous 😭😂.

Seems like a fun experience and amazing photos !!

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Oh yeah it was so good! And I‘m still happy about the weather, today it’s foggy again.

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That’s over by the shacks on stilts ?

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Yep it is :)

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