Went down from grade 3 to grade 1 in less than 6 hours

I logged on this morning at about 10:00 and I was a grade 3 and I was allowed to fly on expert server, but I just opened infinite flight and tried to go on the expert server and it said I didn’t have the required grade… apparently I’m now a grade 1 when I was a grade 3 a couple hours ago

Post a screenshot of your flight stats please


You recieved 6 violations in the past 24 hours. Were you flying today? What is your callsign?

No I didn’t do a full flight… when I was flying I think my call sign was United 6190

Regardless of a full flight, you recieved 6 overspeeding violations in in your flight today. Most likely you exceeded the plane speed limit while cruising.

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So if I wait 24 hours will I go back to grade 3

24 hours and you will return to grade 2

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Nope you will have to wait 7 days before having access to the expert server and grade 3 again as you exceeded the 3 violation limit for 7 days

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