Went back to grade 1

Hi there went back to grade 1 and I was on expert level the last time is signed in … according to my records flights and landings but it places me at grade one and can not go back…

Can you send a picture of you grade table please.

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Hi and welcome to the community! Can you provide more insight? What grade were you on the last time, picture of your grade table, logbook etc


Welcome to the community! There is a new grade table that needs like 30 landings in 90 days to maintain your grade so maybe that is the problem

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He’s right
When was the last time you logged in?

First off, I think this should be in #support. Second off, try logging out and logging in again. Don’t delete the app, as you’ll lose your replays, but do try logging in and logging out. I had the same problem a few months back, and logging in and out worked. There’s also a chance that it has something to do with the 20.1 change in grade requirements, so I would read those to see if IF is actually messed up.

It’s not a bug, so no need for #support :)

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Ahh, alright. My bad.

Hi There!

When 20.1 came out, Infinite Flight released new Grade requirements.

Here’s the article from their website:


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Press the (I) next to Grade 1. That will tell you why.


It’s most likely the landings in 90 days (or lack thereof) that’s had your grade reduced

So I need to fly constantly to keep up my standing? I haven’t flown since February

Can you send a screenshot of your grade table? Like you click on the (i)


Based on your account activity, your last online flight was October 15th 2019.
To maintain certain grades, a certain level of activity over rolling time is required as stipulated on the grade table.

Copy captain. Thanks to everyone for their help see you the skies

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Same to you :)

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