Welsh Pilots?

I always wondered if there are any other Welsh infinite flight pilots. If you’re Welsh comment below. We could all fly from EGFF sometime!

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Ayy nice to see another welsh pilot around. I spend most of my free time irl at EGSY flying with the local flight school! Likewise goes for my IF time, love bringing the 172 up around Cardiff :D

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I would love to get a pilots licence, sadly I’m a bit to young😭

I’m sure calling out for Welsh pilots at a local time of almost 11pm isnt the best way to look for locals 😂

I’m across the hills in England. 👋 I don’t know of any other Welsh player myself sadly :(


Most of my fellow Welshman dont sleep. We just have a midday cwtch (cwtch can mean many things from: Wardrobe to a nap or a cuddle and even can mean comfortable)

Yup I’m welsh 🙋🏻‍♂️, nice to see a few other Welsh pilots here, barely see any traffic at CWL on IF 😂

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it’s really sad to see how barren CWL is, it literally goes around the world. From occasional 787-9 tui flights to bridge town, to Qatar 787-8 flights to doha and every between

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