Wellbeing and mindfulness

Hi all.

Today I’m flying my first flight as a member of BAVA (new callsign BAVA132 - look out for me and say hey!).

I’ve had IF on my device apparently since Dec 2012 but it’s only been the last 12 months where I’ve played it hard, clocking up 521 hours and counting.

I have a very stressful job (currently working on Brexit) and I have IF to thank for keeping me calm, helping me unwind and to shut off from the world when I’m worn out. I find it a real help.

I’d be keen to hear from others who use the sim for this reason and wonder if anyone would be keen to be part of a closed group (if this is a thing) where wellbeing and mental health is discussed - but with a focus on how IF helps?

I figure the majority of players are men/male so an outlet would be a positive thing.

Alternatively feel free to PM me.

Good mental health,


I use it to unwind from time to time as well. It really helps


I learned the hard way you can’t take work home with you, no matter the job. I know it’s easier said than done but it is a matter of finding that “one thing” outside of work that you enjoy and can spend time doing to focus on other things than work.

Good luck sir!


Thanks. Totally. We have a young son so it’s literally non stop at the moment. IF is the only time I have to myself.


IF for me is a great way for me to unwind just like you say. It is so convenient and easy to play, that is why I love it so much.


Yeh the balance of concentration versus pick up and play is uniquely brilliant I think.


Yeah IF takes my mind off stuff but sometimes it makes me not do my homework just makes me very lazy but a balance is key.


Earlier this week I had a crazy stressful day at work, was complaining to my wife all day that it was a busy day… came home, and saw the flash flight going to Atlantic City hosted by @Balloonchaser and Misha… did approach, and as stressful as that 1-hour of approach with 100+ GA aircraft was, it was calming and i felt better about my day.

thanks IF!


Game always makes me relax, I would stress sometimes to learn more about the game but it doesn’t affect my health same as anxiety in real life. You know what to expect in game but in real life there is no definite answer for future so it can stress me out more. Games and simulator I played in my whole life’s are, fs2004, CoD, Fifa, Infinite flight and lordsmobile.


Great to hear!!!

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I work in major trauma hospital and IF is great to help me unwind… BUT I can spend too much time on it and forget that face to face relationships are probably more important. If should be a distraction but ensure you get the right ballence. That said, it’s my birthday and I’m off to have a nice drink in the sunshine.


Happy birthday Michael! I agree it shouldn’t be a replacement for face to face time. I just it when I’ve had enough of f2f. 🎂


Give Theresa May my love haha


yes balance is everything, I prefer medium haul to long haul flights cause its gives me more time to focus on other things, and I also choose my departure and possible approach time to be during times that I am not needed to be available for f2f relationships which for me tends to be 2pm to 4pm and 12am to 6am those times are my usual schedule for departure or approach like if I do a 12 hour flight departing at 2pm its mostly ends at 2am.

the other thing I like about long haul flights is once I reach my destination and land there’s that feeling of relief it’s like all the stress I got in the previous day get released at touchdown ^_^


Doctors need to start prescribing Infinite Flight for daily stress 😀


I ran out of likes! Thanks for all the support on this topic. Great to hear so many people are having a similar experience.


Ah yes this is me in a nutshell, I use IF to get out of any funk I get into with my depression, also I find it very good for relaxing before bed, I only fly solo then so I don’t mess my grade up as I will invariably have a lovley crash landing


@BrockleyJim loooking forward to flying with you soon is BAVA

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I should do that. I’m currently 90 mins to the east of PHNL on Expert and it’s 00.40z. Trying to fight the Zzz.

Cheers I’ll look out for you!