Well that happened

Hi ifc it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been on this anyway, today I did Eham-eidw and as I was taxing to my gate when my little sister got sick and I ran to help her then my aircraft exceeded 35kts and I got my first violation in nearly a year I know its not going to get removed but just putting it out there:(


Well, I’m afraid this won’t be removed since it’s not game issue. Life gets in the way, sometimes you have to get over it and learn to prevent something next time.


Yup, I’m just annoyed I was on such a good streak without any violations ah well I guess I’ll just have to start again😂


A pain, but caring about your sister matters more than a game on your phone 🙂.

Take those violations as respect for your family! 😜

I know the feeling, as I was suddenly told that by my girlfriend that she fainted 3 times in the night and went to hospital. I havent seen her since, like… urrrmm, ok…


Thanks man appreciate it🙏

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Stiff mate. Oh well, happens to all of us, and taking care of your sister beats Infinite Flight every day 😉

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